What kid doesn’t like playing hide and seek, in fact what adult doesn’t? It’s a world renowned game but not one you want to be playing as a business.

The success or failure of your business when you really drill down to it is based on your ability to be found by potential customers. You do not want to be playing hide and seek, instead you need to be playing ‘find us find us’.

When most people are looking for a new item or service they go online. Gone are the days of looking through a local magazine or the yellow pages (RIP to them), it’s all about digital. The question is, what are doing to be found online?

Here are my 5 quick tips to ensure you are not playing hide and seek with your clients.


I would encourage every business to have a blog on their website. This means that every time you add a post, you add fresh searchable content to your site. If each blog post, then contains your keywords this is really going to be of benefit. Every time you’re adding a page, you’re adding fresh keywords and fresh content. Google love this!


It’s no longer an option to have a responsive website; it’s an absolute necessity. If your website is not responsive, in other words doesn’t work correctly on mobile and tablet, then you are not favoured by Google. So make sure your website is responsive. If not, it’s time to do something about it, and quick.


Google will punish you if your website is too slow. Your website pages must load under five seconds, if not, you’re in trouble. Ideally you want to be aiming for around the three second mark. If your website is not loading as quick as it needs to be, then again, it’s time to take action.


If you operate within a geographical area, then this can be of real benefit when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation). It’s much easier for you to be found on keywords locally than it is if you were targeting the whole of the United Kingdom. So we’d encourage you to mention the area within which you operate as much as you can, across your website. The more you mention it, the more chance you have of being found. If this can be done on the front end of the website, in terms of the content that people see, and also the back end, then it really will benefit you.

Another tip, is to ensure you have a Google+ page, also known now as a Google My Business page. If you can add that to Google, that’s also really going to help you. When this is done have some of your clients review you on Google, this will also help you. If you need help with this, then do contact us.


Backlinks are links to your website from other websites on the internet. The more backlinks you can have the better it is for your SEO. It’s worth every business spending a few hours adding your website to online directories like yell.com. All these backlinks will help you in terms of ranking higher up the Google rankings.

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