The 5 Questions To Ask Before Posting Your Next Content

We have all heard the statement “content is king”, but its’s not if we don’t make the most of each piece of content that we put out there.

We all want our content to get the attention of our audience. It’s not just about posting a blog or a Facebook Live video, the content has to work for us and people have to engage with it.

So next time you are creating a piece of content, ask yourself these questions.

Do people actually care about this?

You could be creating some great content that you think your audience is interested in, but if people are not sharing, commenting or engaging with it, do people really care? If you are not getting any traction from the content you are sending out maybe it is time to start to tweak it.

Make sure your content is answering questions that are being asked or solving problems that you know your target audience are encountering.

Am I repeating the status quo?

Copying everyone else’s content and ideas is not the answer. Make sure your content is using your tone of voice, your ideas and your thought process.

Take a principle, add your thoughts and knowledge and then make it stand out.

Can I use this content multiple times?

The worst idea is to create a great piece of content and then not make the most of it. Take your content and then use it across various marketing platforms. Use it in your email updates, over all social platforms (more than once) put it in social groups and reuse in videos and blog posts.

Does this content add value?

Every single piece of content that you create needs to add value. Ask yourself, will the audience learn something or be entertained when they engage with it? Ask this question honestly and if the answer is no – start again.

It is worth applying a budget to reach more people?

If you know that you have created a highly valuable piece of content you may want to consider attaching some budget to reach a wider audience. Apply some funds by using paid ads and target an audience to widen your reach.


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