I hate travelling. I am just not a fan. I just want to get to where I am going without the hassle of the actual travelling. Anyone else?

When I do travel I pretty much always use sat nav. I put in the post code and away I go. Imagine if I just winged it. Imagine if I just got in the car and drove with no plan. Stupid or what! This is what many business owners do when it comes to their marketing. They wing it. They just try this and that with no plan or strategy.

If you want to reach your target audience, attract more clients and generate more leads then you need a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Here are my 6 foundations of ANY digital marketing strategy


No doubt you have a vision for your business and you know what want to achieve. Start your strategy with this in mind.

Your strategy exists to facilitate your vision. If your vision is to build the best shoe shop your town has ever seen, then all your marketing including your strategy needs to facilitate this vision becoming reality.


Too many people run their marketing based on their preferences.

“I don’t like Facebook so we are not doing it”

“I don’t understand SEO so I am not bothering”

This is a very bad idea! Forget your preferences and go with what will work and help you grow your business and achieve your vision.

It’s not about what you like it’s about where your target audience is.


A strategy is a necessity but if you never actually progress through your strategy then it’s just a piece of paper with some good ideas.

To ensure your digital marketing strategy doesn’t stay a piece of paper full of good ideas put time frames in place. For each aspect of the strategy decide what needs to be done and most importantly by when. This will keep you on track and ensure your marketing is heading in the right direction.


We are all busy and we all have ever growing to do lists. Clients need our attention and they come first. The danger is we get so busy doing all this that our marketing moves way down the list in terms of importance. Then we lose ground, our marketing doesn’t get done and before we know it our leads dry up and we wonder why.

To ensure this doesn’t happen put accountability in place. Whether it’s with a business partner, another trusted business owner or a coach like me, ensure you have someone that will hold you accountable to your strategy.


Your strategy needs to include a marketing funnel. This is where you map out your customer’s journey from when a customer is a complete stranger to when they become a lead. You then put the strategy in place that will encourage customers to move through this funnel to eventually make the sale.

The funnel will help keep you focussed on what you should and shouldn’t be doing and more importantly ensures those all-important leads keep coming in.


KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid!

Many business owners over complicate their strategy. They think that to have a strategy means to create complex plans and include jargon that no one really cares about. This is just not true.

The best and most effective strategies are simple, focussed and make it happen. Always remember – KISS IT!


Of course there is much more involved with creating a strategy for your business but whatever the strategy it will certainly need these 6 foundations in place. If you need help developing your digital marketing strategy, then do take a look at what I offer here.



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